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Florida Vaca

Hi! So I'm really terrible at not posting for a long time, then posting everything at once. Earlier this week, I finally got a letter regarding my application for the medical card. I got it! Once my Mesalamine is preauthorized, I will be able to get it at a very affordable price. I am so… Continue reading Florida Vaca


Gluten Woes

With Celiac's, not only do you need to avoid foods definitely containing gluten, but also foods that may contain gluten, or are even processed in the same factory. Maybe I'm being over the top, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I'm not being as crazy with dairy products, but still avoiding them. Like… Continue reading Gluten Woes


Dinner Time

I made a (mostly) dairy free dinner tonight, definitely not vegan. I had meatloaf with Chi Chi's Sweet Corn Cake and green beans. It could also very easily be gluten free. Basically the only ingredient preventing this from being DF and GF was the breadcrumbs in the meatloaf. I didn't realize the breadcrumbs had milk… Continue reading Dinner Time