The Poor Man’s Diet – $52.55

My cheap groceries from last week shockingly lasted 8 days! I actually wound up getting fast food and eating some shit I wasn’t supposed to. I ate whatever food was available in my kitchen because I was out of my precious GF/DF food and didn’t want to spend more money. Bad decision for someone missing out on meds, but I’m broke so whatever. Not feeling 100% but I’m not miserable either.

I grocery shopped tonight and may have gone overboard on fruits and vegetables. May have kinda fucked up getting through this week too, but maybe next week I’ll find the right balance.

I spent $52.55 on food for myself, my husband, and my pups for the week.

-Skim milk

-Flank steak

-Chicken breast





-Green beans


-Pinto beans

-Black beans







-Sweet potato

-Mango smoothie

-White rice

-Dog treats

-Heath Klondike bars (Definitely not dairy free haha)

I realized after I got home that I didn’t buy eggs or bread, so I lost out on some meal options. I was already over my $50 limit anyway. Besides, I have some leftover eggs, bread, and food from prior shopping trips. Can’t bring myself to eat the pasta right now because it’s so damn hot out.

I clearly didn’t plan well for this shopping trip. I had a few meal plans, but I was mostly high and craving fresh foods.

It’s looking like we are going to be eating a lot of taco bowls. Chicken salad. Potatoes.

Being the “stay at home dog mom” that I am, I’ve been making some hot meals for my pups. It’s actually because my dogs haven’t been eating their dry food very well. They’re apparently too spoiled to eat dog food purchased in bulk from Sam’s Club.

If anyone cares, here is the dog food recipe-

…Also, I’m not a dog expert, so if anyone has any tips, please let me know 🙂

I chopped up some potatoes (3 medium) in bite sized pieces and cooked them on the stove top. Once the potatoes neared completion, I tossed in a can of unsalted corn. I had unseasoned pre-cooked chicken breast strips (maybe close to a pound) in my freezer, so I cooked those up and added those to the pan. Lastly, I cooked some instant white rice in the microwave (only about 2 cups) and mixed it up with the other ingredients. That’s it! Let it cool off and serve. I feed my dogs twice a day, one is a corgi and the other is a mixed-breed, and this lasted for 5 meals. Each dog is different, so you need to figure out how much to feed your dog and experiment with serving sizes. I’m pretty sure the wheat rice is healthier for your dogs, but I had white rice readily available. I bought some carrots to add to the recipe for when I cook more tomorrow. The dogs gobbled up the food almost instantly! And I got to know exactly what my dogs were eating! The food can be refrigerated just like any other meal you cook. Remember to heat up your dog’s food before serving it to kill any bacteria 🙂

Hell, you can make that dog food and eat it as people food. It tastes pretty good. Probably add some seasoning if you are making it as a meal for yourself.

I’m easy to please. Potatoes and green beans. Rice and avocado. Bananas and strawberries. Bananas and peanut butter. Bananas and syrup. Frozen bananas. Whatever will pull me through the week haha.


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