Unemployment and More Complaints

Here I am, complaining again.

I wrote a post the other day and wound up deleting it. Too negative. Too frustrating.

As I mentioned, when I got fired for having a chronic disease, I lost my health insurance. I worked for my insurance company, so firing me was like a double win for them. It’s not like I want to live off the government, but I’m goddamn broke. Can’t afford my medication. I applied for the medical card, food stamps, unemployment. I applied for the medical card and food stamps on May 15th. My application is “in review”. I don’t have any kids so I’m pretty much considered useless by the government. Which I really don’t understand. I’m poor with my husband, the government doesn’t have to assist us with 12 kids or whatever the fuck. But hey, “in review”, so they are saying there’s a chance…

Unemployment though. Even though my piece of shit job could have easily accommodated me, they fucked me right up the asshole. So apparently I voluntarily quit for medical reasons. Okay. Now this didn’t automatically disqualify me from potentially getting unemployment. I had a phone interview a couple weeks ago and explained my situation. Chronic disease, flare ups, blah blah blah. They asked me to send in medical information from my doctor. I asked if they would want the exact forms I gave to my employer and they said yes. Faxed it in to them, and just yesterday got a letter of denial. Because I’m not capable of working. Jesus H. God. I can work. I’d just like to not get fired if I’m about to shit myself and need a restroom. I call their 800 number and explain this, but I need to have proof I am able to work. Well, I already fucking sent it. She asked about how long this illness could affect me. Forever. Until I die. Unfortunately I’m not psychic and don’t know when a flare up will hit. I do know that I’ve missed quite a few doses of mesalamine because I’m too poor to afford $600 a month to not be sick. I’ve looked into disability and I don’t qualify, at least at this point.

I’m at a point where I can’t afford to buy GF/DF foods separately for me. Cheap is cheap, and we all have to eat. I’ll keep exercising and hope I don’t get sick.

I’m so thankful I don’t have cancer or something really life-threatening, because in America, if you’re poor you die.


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