Make Exercise Fun

I’ve got to say, I have actually enjoyed exercising lately. It hasn’t been anything intense, but it still burns calories.

I use the Samsung Health app on my phone to keep track of my steps and log my activities. You can set and adjust your goals at any time. Rather than a weight loss goal, I like to focus on my active minutes for the day. I guess the app is pretty basic, but it’s more convenient than filling up a notebook with a workout log.

I like going on walks around the neighborhood. Maybe someday I’ll jog, but probably not lol. At least I’m off the couch and enjoying some sunshine. And walking is the easiest form of exercise ever.

Yoga and stretching. I haven’t been as into yoga lately. Guess I’m going more for burning calories than finding inner peace. I still enjoy it, but it’s a little difficult with two crazy dogs running around. They always seem really concerned when I’m doing a stretch while lying down and my little dog crawls in my lap for the butterfly stretch. Every time I type in this blog, I’m reminded that I am a pumpkin spice basic bitch. My yoga, my dogs, pumpkin spice for real. My goddamn uggs. AVOCADOS. I love them all. I’m not good at makeup though so I’m like all the worst parts about being a basic bitch.

So, don’t even remember what I was talking about. Hmmm oh yeah, my weighted hula hoop. I hula hoop like a normal human. I don’t do some weird dance routine or Zumba or whatever the fuck. 7 calories a minute. I get up in front of my tv, turn my hula hoop timer on in the app and go for however long I feel like. I normally do around 30 or 40 minutes per day. Sometimes all at once, sometimes split up.

I downloaded an app for a butt workout lol. I don’t actually understand how to use the app and workout in sync with it, so I look at the list of exercises and do the workout at my own pace. I’ve been doing it for maybe a week and I can already feel and see an improvement. Literally only 10/15 minutes a day of donkey kicks, squats, and some other assorted exercises to have a nicer butt. If that doesn’t make you want to exercise, nothing will.

I have a problem with getting on my scale multiple times a day. It’s frustrating. I feel like my weight doesn’t match my appearance and it upsets me. I look at myself in the mirror and think wow I’m looking better, and then I weigh myself. I don’t know why I do it. I’m trying to acknowledge parts of my body that I am proud of and not let a number control my view of myself. Every day is a new day, so if I check the scale 100 times one day, I can still try to avoid it the next. I might have a lazy day and work my butt off the next. I feel like that’s the secret to exercise that probably everyone knew but me.







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