Responsible Grocery Shopping

As disappointed as I was about being fired from my job for having a chronic disease, I was also kinda excited to sit around and do whatever the fuck I wanted at home. Well, it turns out I have no hobbies. And that leaves a lot of time to sit and think about how the fuck I’m supposed to pay my bills. How I’m about out of the meds that keep me from having a flare up. And if I’m in a flare up, I can’t work. Bills. Jesus H.

I’m a real shit grocery shopper and normally spend a billion dollars on whatever groceries I want. Prepackaged, easy peasy. But, I’m extra poor these days and have to figure out how to be a responsible housespouse. I was googling cleaning hacks and one thing led to another and I read on someone’s blog that I should only spend $100 per month per person on groceries. So $200 for me and my husband. I made it my goal to only spend $50 on groceries last night.

Normally I buy a ton of shit and see how long it lasts. No planning, only convenience. I spent $50.46 last night and actually have enough meals for the week. They may not be the most healthy, but they are better than fast food and I’ve got a good variety of gluten free/dairy free food.

To be fair, I probably would have spent $20-30 more if I didn’t already have some food at home. Still counts though.

Milk – 😦

Orange juice.

Mango smoothie.





So Delicious DF yogurt.

O’Dough’s GF sandwich thins.

Bread – 😦

Pasta sauce.

Muffin mix. – 😦

Bob Evan’s macaroni-  😦

Ice cream – 😦

More stuff I can’t remember. Quite a bit of stuff I can’t eat, but plenty that I can. Maybe I had more food at home than I realized. Regardless, I planned my meals for the week and saved money by actually being a responsible adult. And maybe I’ll be more responsible next week and not buy junk food. Ha. Probably not.

Oh, side note. Tofutti DF sour cream is fucking gross. I ate it anyway because it was $5 and I didn’t want to waste it, but wtf? Did anyone sample this shit before selling it???? Gross. Don’t buy this.




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